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These are excerpts from student posts about Scratch. I have six classes of 5th grade students. All students have a private page under their homeroom teacher's name. This project has proven to include all levels of learners. With so many choices, student interest is high! Differentiation is built-in in the way lessons and projects are presented and expectations are set for the students. Accountability choices and levels are also included in the record sheets and student entries on their webpage. Students may be in partners, groups and/or individual for planning, creating, and recording.

SEE Scratch Reflections to see how we learned Scratch in our computer lab.

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Posts from students about Scratch

I have animated and made things talk and it is very easy to do. Scratch has so many other things you can do with projects like: watch it move with your mouse, keep score in a game, interactive whirl, change their colors, make them move to a beat, moving animation, and dance twist many other animations. I still have lots more to learn about Scratch but that seems like a lot! Games, movies, and more.

I learned about how to make a picture move and dance.
Then learned to change a color and add sound and how to make it a game!
Today I made adjustments to a project an added a diver to a pirannah game!
Then I added a monster to a trampoline game!
Thats all I've Learned so far but I'll tell you more later!

Scratch is a program that you can make movies, games, pictures etc. on.
On Scratch, you can make videos to learn with, or just have fun with.
You can look at other peoples work to learn about something, just play, or see what they have been working on.

You can make an account on Scratch, and make and save videos
You can download other people's projects, and work on them too!
You can also use example projects like pacman, marble racing, etc. and make them into awesome projects!!!!
You can also create a gallery, and put any of yours or other people's projevt in it!!!
There is one more thing you need to know. Have Fun!!!!!

I think that scratch is a fun way to learn about programming and making games. There are many cool videos to watch and there are many ways to use it. Anyone can use it however they want. and since it`s educational it is a great way to learn about things you can do on the computer. I think it is a safe way to share things you have learned, or discovered.

Scratch is a cool website where you can watch/make movies or games. You can even download it on your computer!!!! I think it is really awesome!!! People from anywhere in the world could watch your scratch movies/games. Someone from the other side of the world could be watching one of my scratches right now!!!