Videos in Elementary Classrooms

Photo editing turned regular still shots into surprises. These videos were the first in a series of Math Movies that involved multi-levels and multiple purposes. Classes created videos on their own topic. A surprise question at the end of the video generated authentic data for other classes to graph and analyze estimates in math lessons.
Don't Tell Yet! There are Aliens Among Us

American Idol!...or Not

Students found that graphic organizers really do help their writing skills. Get Graphic and Get Writing documents the basic steps. On the SMART Board, students brainstormed ideas using a graphic organizer made in Inspiration. Each student recorded their individual ideas to organize their thinking. In Microsoft Word, students typed and edited their work.

Get Graphic to Get Writing

First grade students learned how to use a digital video camera. Digital Blue Movie Makers create videos with still and video clips. The special effects software motivates everyone to do more.
First Graders Make Movies